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Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Oliver Wendell Holmes

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"The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." Miscellaneous 4.9 avg (56 votes)
"To have doubted one's own first principles is the mark of a civilized man." Miscellaneous 4.0 avg (2 votes)
"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract." Miscellaneous 4.1 avg (8 votes)
"The only prize much cared for by the powerful is power." Miscellaneous 5.0 avg (1 votes)
"Greatness is not where we stand but in what direction we are moving." Motivation & Goals 2.9 avg (8 votes)
"We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but sail we must and not drift nor lie at anchor." Motivation & Goals 4.7 avg (19 votes)
"Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse. One comfort we have: Cincinnati sounds worse." Poetry 0 avg (0 votes)
"The books we read should be chosen with great care, that they may be, as an Egyptian king wrote over his library, "The medicines of the soul."" Reading 3.0 avg (2 votes)
"When in doubt, do it." Risk 4.5 avg (8 votes)
"Science is a first-rate piece of furniture for a man's upper chamber, if he has common sense on the ground floor." Science 3.3 avg (3 votes)
"I don't generally feel anything until noon, then it's time for my nap." Sleep 3.7 avg (3 votes)
"Eloquence may set fire to reason." Talking 4.0 avg (1 votes)
"Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall." Talking 4.5 avg (6 votes)
"It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen." Talking 3.8 avg (5 votes)
"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." Thinking 4.9 avg (12 votes)
"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience." Thinking 4.7 avg (3 votes)
"Don't be "consistent" but be simply true." Truth & Lies 4.7 avg (6 votes)
"Between two groups of people who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, I see no remedy but force." War & Peace 3.0 avg (5 votes)
"The mode by which the inevitable comes to pass is effort." Work 4.8 avg (4 votes)
"A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanged; it is the skin of a living thought and may vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances and time in which it is used." Writing 3.9 avg (7 votes)

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